Seattle and why I am in Spokane, WA

Yesterday, as I headed to Spokane, WA courtesy of Young Living (More info on why we are in Spokane at the end), we had a layover in Seattle. Landing in that airport brought forth TONS of emotions.  Gratitude being number one. Why? 

About two years ago, I attended the Chic Retreat for photographers here in Seattle with a bunch of other photographers. Investing in what I do, is super important to me, so I was flying across the country to a city I didn't know, with about 40 people I had never really met, to hang out and learn about building a successful photography business, as well as learn some new skills. Plus, check out the ridiculous amazing city that Seattle is. 

So, we dive into learning and growing thanks to Heidi Hope, of Heidi Hope photography. (She is amazing by the way, and you all should look her up and soak in her beautiful work.) Anyway, she runs us through an exercise of visualization, and visualizing what our perfect work day would look like. I close my eyes, and the very first thing I hear, in a loud confident voice, was "Well, it wouldn't involve photography."  WHAT!?!?!    As quick as the thought came I shut it out of my mind.   I am clear across the country for a PHOTOGRAPHY conference, and you are telling me that in an ideal day, I wouldn't be doing photography?!?!   Shock is a great word to describe my brain.   I went on to design my ideal work day, then through some photography stuff in. 

What it looked like:  Get up in the morning and help everyone get off to school. Take time to myself to have breakfast, work out, and routine. Go outside to take care of the animals, gardens and such.  Come in and spend 3-4 hours working in my light filled studio. (This is the part where I through in some photography stuff for good measure.) Then make dinner, spend time with the family. Have an hour or so of evening work (every once in a while).  I also wanted my business to provide financial security, and adequately pay for my time. 

Some important self identified parts: 

  • Flexibility- I want to be the one to send my kids to school and be home when they get there. I want to be able to go get them if they need to come home during the day, go on field trips, and not panic if they are feeling under the weather, because I know I get to be next to them at home all day.
  • Farm life.
  • Family.
  • Self Care.
  • Financially free.
  • People. I want to serve others. (At the time providing them captured moments from their lives. Real life. Real families. Real memories. This was my slogan and my heart.)

Fast forward to yesterday. Sitting in the runway at the airport, it all came back. That fear and shock from my realization two years ago, was replaced with complete gratitude. I am living my ideal work day.  Literally living it. Listening to my heart. (Which I now know, that is who was spoke up loud and clear in Seattle.) Two years ago I had no idea that essential oils and Young Living would come into my life, and turn everything upside down. I had no idea that the opportunity to help others learn about health would fill me with so much passion and excitement. I had no idea that I would get to work alongside some of the most amazing people, and never ever consider it working. In fact, I sometimes feel crazy saying that I have a job, still. However, I do.  I have a job.

The best job ever. My job is to help inspire others to take a look at what their heart is asking from them. My job is to help inspire others to look at their own health, body, mind and spirit. My job is to be a Mom. My job is to be a wife.

My job is to make sure that I am taken care of and living a life of purpose, and the best way for me to do that is to listen to my heart, and God. That plan is better than any life my brain could ever try to design.

I am grateful. 

Light and Love,

So, why am I in Spokane?  From the words of my dear friend Madison Vining:

Our Happy Oiler Golds are being spoiled with a lavish trip right now in Spokane. Not a dime out of their pockets. 4 amazing nights in a luxury hotel. Lots of Ningxia and fancy foods. Tours of St. Marie's Farm and whitewater rafting, among several other incredible events. Hearing inspiring speakers. Being together. Being with Young Living people, who, NO JOKE, are the best people in the world (I'm convinced). 

It's all standard for Young Living. They don't know how to do anything lackluster.

Let me tell you a little bit about the rank of Gold for those who don't know much about the Young Living lingo.

When I started, Gold was what my eye was on. If I could get to GOLD... things would be amazing. The average monthly income for a Gold is over $6,000 with an estimated workload of just 24 hours per week. From home. Surrounded by your babies. With no degree. Nobody setting your schedule. No marketing budget. No inventory or shipping or any of that mess. No harassing people in unsolicited messages to meet some monthly quota (we all know those people). No makeup. No pants. No ANYTHING besides you and your computer or smart phone, alongside your friends. 

I think it's the dream rank for a lot of people.

I can't get over how, not only does YL pay that kind of $$$ for the rank of Gold, but they also don't stop there. It's not in their nature. They have to spoil the crap out of us. They go above and beyond every expectation, every single time, relentlessly. Gifts, trips, flowers in the mail, mind-blowing opportunities for our families -- it never seems to slow down. They love us hard.

CONGRATS TO OUR INCREDIBLE GOLDS!!!!!!! You've busted your butts and loved your people and shared with so much heart. You bless my socks off. Go be spoiled!!!!

OH. And any time I talk about money, Young Living wants me to include this:…/incomedisclosurestatement_…

If you're nosy, you'll especially love it! ;) It lists all the incomes for all the ranks. HAHA!