YOU Have a Voice

You have a voice. Use it often. It is a gift. 

You have a voice. Use it often. It is a gift. 

You have a voice. Within you there is a unique voice. As unique as your fingerprint. We each have it. This voice represents your heart, it exudes your values, gives reality to your dreams and brings your authenticity into this world. Today you have the opportunity to use it. As a leader, one of your most powerful tools will be your voice. 

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. It is important to embrace your own uniqueness as a leader too. What really makes you tick? What makes you, YOU? Are you a super motivating speaker? Do you love learning? Are you fabulous at using technology? Do you love planning events? Is your expertise in helping others in small private settings? Are you hilarious? Do you captivate people? Do you love numbers? Prefer to be behind the scenes? Whatever it is, do it and do it well. Then share it with others. Shout it to the world!  (Introverts, do not panic. It isn't necessary to shout it to the world, but share it with others in some way or form.) 

What would happen if no one claimed they were good at something? What if no one used their voices? What if no one was willing to be, to be themselves? 

The quote stuck to my computer today, “Focus on serving a purpose, and your purpose will find you.” Why? Because sometimes we get stuck and aren’t really sure what our voice is saying. We aren’t sure what our purpose is or what our strengths are. Sometimes it is necessary to just dig in and see what happens. 

Today is the day that I use my voice. I use it for you. I am using it for me. 

Today is your chance.

Use your voice. Use it often.