Intentional Living Coach




 "What do you do?", I'm still not sure how I would answer. I'm not really sure what I do, or how I even do what I do, other than I trust, I learn, I allow and I love. I would like to think of myself as a catalyzer, who inspires others to heal and grow into the truest form of themselves, to join a collective of people who are healing and growing together, as a whole. 

I guess if you were to give me a business title it would include business leader, speaker, author, wellness consultant and, maybe, over and above all of that, healer. 

The funny thing about titles is they put people in a box. I was never created for a box (and neither were you). So while these titles are fun, I don't know if they can ever truly represent WHO I am. I do what I do because of who I am. I believe that who I am will never be defined by what I do. It will always be who I am leading me into what I do. 

Because when I operate in this form, I know it will always be in love. No matter what title I have in the moment. My biggest desire is to operate from the place of me, in authenticity.

I am Me. 

Thoughts, adventures, inspiration, emotions, travel, nature, beauty and all. This life is one crazy journey and I love all of the parts of it, especially because I get to be surrounded by some of the most fun, amazing, loving people, including you.  

Thank YOU for being here. Thank YOU for showing up for this moment.

Thank YOU for inspiring me. 




Amanda is naturally a healer and intuitive who is deeply guided. She lives alongside of her soulmate and their three glorious little humans, where they reside in the heart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

With a HUGE passion for helping people develop themselves into their brightest light, Amanda Brunngraeber is a "Magic Catalyzer". She has been a self-employed entrepreneur since 2008.  Her passion is in igniting within people the understanding that they are perfectly whole as they are.  She does this through writing, speaking, and coaching.

Alongside of her husband, Carl, they own Brunngraeber Wellness. Together they have a desire to raise the frequency of each of the lives they touch, with wellness, purpose and abundance, which is evident through their leadership of a Diamond team with over 12,000 Young Living members who expand the globe. The community, in person and online, supplies hundreds of resources for wellness, gives access to many people with limitless knowledgs, as well as creates space for developing business skills that lovingly supports anyone to live the life of their dreams.

As a Gemini (sun and moon)/Scorpio rising, Amanda:

  • loves family adventures

  • is committed to nature and animals

  • gardens to soothe her soul

  • uses photography as a way to capture momentary beauty

  • is continually idea forming

  • often needs the help of others to execute the ideas

  • is in constant transformation

  • loves people and deep conversation

  • must have quiet time alone to breathe and receive

She is in gratitude to God for this lifetime and the path on which she is embarking.