The dress is....

By now, most everyone has seen a picture of the blue and black dress, or is it white and gold, or is it periwinkle and black?  This dress quickly moved through the internet and into MANY homes causing many discussions and maybe even a few arguments.  Our family had quite a few discussions over it, especially when my hubby and I both saw blue and black, while all three kiddos saw white and gold. 

So, I found this image to be so interesting, and entertaining. Therefore, I posted it to facebook. (Because this is what you do with the things you find interesting and entertaining.) Within minutes people started commenting, and it snowballed into MANY different answers. The same image was being interpreted by people completely differently. Sometimes one person, within minutes, could have the dress even color change almost right before their eyes. Now that would be mind boggling!  

What I found even more interesting, was the number of people who decided to get upset over the idea that so many people were obsessed over this image. Why shouldn't people be obsessed over this image? Why shouldn't it spread all over the globe within 24 hours?  I think, this image is a representation of something much bigger than a dress. 

Step back. This image represents every single thing in this world. This image represents the idea that two people in the same room can see the same thing, or event, and interpret it two different ways. EVERYTHING in this world is this dress. This dress is the representation of one idea that has the ability to be seen in multiple lights.  Every person on this planet has the free will to see things individually.  We are so quick to jump all over the ideas of others when they don't reflect our own beliefs. We quickly want to say, "NO. You are wrong and this is why."   To the child who doesn't understand math the "normal" way, we want to say, "No. You are wrong. You need to understand it this way because this is how I learned. Don't worry though because I can teach you better." To the Mother who decides to try and do what is best for her own child, "No. You are wrong. You need to do it like everyone else." 

The color changing dress is more than a dress. It is a perception. One idea that has the ability to be seen in multiple lights.

Stop people!  Stop!  It doesn't matter what color the actual dress is!  It matters that we take a step back and ask others what color they think the dress is.  Everyone will have a different opinion. Everyone will see the dress differently. It is okay. The dress has the ability to be seen in different colors. Every situation in life can be seen in different colors.  However, do we have the ability to understand the idea that even if we can only see white and gold, there is a possibility that someone else can see it blue and black? 

So, the next time that you are in the middle of a conversation and someone isn't seeing things exactly the way you are, I challenge you to stop and think about the dress.  Stop and think that there might be a possibility that you are seeing a black and blue dress, and the dress they see is white and gold.