A day in the life of an oiler

a day in the life of an oiler  Young Living Essential Oil Display using picture frames

Since July 2014, we all have become completely obsessed with our essential oils.  Quite a few of you have also jumped aboard the oily train and we have been talking oils and sharing ideas in our private oil discussion groups.  Meanwhile, many others have expressed interest and have asked how we are using them, so I am going to share with all of you how we use them on a daily basis.

If you want to know what essential oils are you can go HERE!

We have been on a journey to detoxing our home and foods for awhile and you can read that story here. One more puzzle piece has been essential oils. While they are not a replacement for modern medicine, they are definitely another option, another tool for health. 

We use our oils daily. Absolutely every single day! Want to know how?  Read on. 

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is the perfect wake up in your diffuser. Fresh and Clean

In the morning we start with diffusing our oils. Usually if Cay-man has a choice it is lemon and I usually combine that with Joy, which happens to my favorite combination. Another combo we have been diffusing a lot of is citrus fresh and spearmint. Fresh and awakening!   If we are needing support for our immune systems, thieves is the go to.

All of us each get 1 ounce of ningxia red which is FULL of antioxidant power, and helps to get the day started. 

Throughout the day I will use a combination of joy, stress away, motivation and vetiver to give me a mood, energy, and concentration boost. Joy and stress away get applied on the wrists and over the heart. In fact, they both have roller tops on them.  They also often get sent with C on his way out the door for work. 

Occasionally, a load of laundry will need to get rewashed and I add purification to help get rid of the "smell"., and have used purification with baking soda to soak up the smell of a pull-up that didn't quite make it through the night.  Ick. 

A few that we use as we need them include peppermint for the occasional headache.  We put one drop on our thumb and then press the thumb to the roof of the mouth. Works like a charm. Peppermint is also our go to for a little fever help and stomach discomfort.    Lavender we use on cuts and bruises to help with the pain, and healing. I've also been using lavender for eyelash growth and have seen a definite difference. 

After a long day, muscles can be sore so we love our muscle cream!  Dora even gets this combo when she has played outside for too long and her hip and leg start to bother her. 

Young Living Essential Oils and our dog

At night we use have a routine because it is essential. One of our first major wins was the realization that the eo's were helping Cy with his night terrors, and he always asks for his oils at night because "I sleep so much better, Mama." So, first we start with sleepy cream or sleepy spray. Each of the kiddos have their own that we made together. They consist of lavender, cedarwood, and/or peace and calming and/or valor. We vary each batch up a bit so they are never really the same.  Thieves diluted on the feet if we are fighting a bug.  Then the diffusers get turned on with their selection of the sleep oils, and as a bonus the diffusers also act as mini-humidifiers!

Young Living Essential Oils and Sleepy Cream for kids lavender and cedarwood

Then after the kids go to bed, it is usually my best opportunity to get my shower in I apply my winter skin loving face cream which is a combination of shea butter, vitamin e oil, frankincense, lavender, and melaleuca alternifolia.  If I really want to treat myself I will take the time to take a relaxing bath using this super easy bath salt recipe. 

Young Living Essential Oil Lavender Bath Salt  This is a super easy recipe. Just epsom salt and lavender young living essential oil

So that is a basic run-down of what we use just about every single day! Some days things are varied up depending on what is going on in the house, sickness, insect bites, or major stress.  These oils are so versatile and the fact that there are no unwanted side effects or trading of one icky symptom for another is so empowering to me as a mom. I love being able to treat my family naturally.  It is a comfort knowing that we have replaced so many toxic things in our home, and we are teaching our kiddos that there are other options and tools that can be used when creating health. 

Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit Uses- a run through of a day in the life.
Young Living Essential Oil when you need a little Peace and Calming

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into our daily use of oils. I’m excited to hear how you use yours! Please keep in mind that this post is not intended to diagnose or treat anyone, and if you are ever concerned about a possible medical condition, seek professional medical advice. There is a place for natural healing and modern medicine to coexist peacefully, and that will look different for every family : )