In perfect timing


I love creating, brainstorming, dreaming, and cultivating. A lot.

The ideas and thoughts are almost always flowing, and often multiple projects are happening at once. (I am SO thankful to be surrounded by people who lovingly help me make these things happen. I do not do this alone. Ever. Help and support are vital, otherwise almost everything would probably stay as ideas.)

However, there have been quite a few projects in the last year or so, that are half finished just because they weren’t feeling right. Finally, today, I had a huge brainstorm! Alongside of it came the realization that most everything happens right on time, which is not often MY best idea of timing.

However, when I step into in and trust the flow, instead of forcing things to happen, everything feels easier and becomes better than I ever could have imagined. Surrender and allow. Over and over and over, again. Definitely not always easy, but almost always worth it.