Putting the tools into action


YOU. You have access to all of the tools.

We have an internet at our fingertips with so much knowledge. We have books. Classes. Podcasts. Self help. Planners. Teachers that are sitting there just waiting.
None of it works if you don’t show up and put it into action.

That book- useless, unless you read it and put the knowledge into action.
That planner- just paper, unless you commit to the intentional activities.
That FB education group- wasted, unless you show up and choose to put the teachings into action.
The class- a money dump, unless you commit to showing up as an investment in your growth.

And the only one responsible for making it happen is... wait for it... YOU. The author, teacher, speaker, coach, creator did their job when they showed up. It’s now in your hands.

No more blaming the outside world for what it isn’t doing to support you better. It has given you the tools. It’s time to choose to use them. No one can motivate you more than you are willing to be motivated. (And if not- there is always the television and the only thing that requires from you is to turn it on...) Choose wisely.