Be You


Four years ago I posted this exact quote on my wall.

No idea that I would walk the path of living this out over the next four years.

At the time I had no idea who I was, some days I still don’t, but there was something about this quote that my heart and soul longed for. As I’ve traveled this path, I have discovered many stories, beliefs, and “truths” that were defining who I was and not allowing me space to be different, and me. That is what I have had to peel away. It hasn’t been one ah-ha moment of glitter and confetti truth. It has been a steady journey of peeling off layers that have been waiting to be seen in their wholeness. Layers that once served, but no longer fit because I have chosen to expand. I’m slowly peeling away my cocoon. In order to step into me wholly, beautifully different, wings and all.

So be you. In your gloriousness of this moment. You don’t have to be fully evolved yet, it’s okay. I’m not either, but I’m willing to walk the path next to you as we become wholly different together.

Amanda BrunngraeberComment