My Oily LIfe- Young Living Essential Oil Muscle Cream

Essential oils. My newest lifestyle change, and I seriously wish I would have done it years ago.

A little background.  My knees decided they loved this essential oil pain cream first, as they took a hit from the training and running of three half-marathons, barefoot style. (Ouch!)

Then, after a day of photographing a wedding and being on my feet all day, while carrying around heavy equipment, my lower back and shoulders love my pain cream.

My hubby loves it for his stressed out neck and shoulders. (Of course, he NEVER remembers where it is, or is UNABLE to apply it himself. He thinks he is fooling me.)

And so does my father-in-law, but if you know him, please DO NOT tell him I told  you. He wants no one knowing he is using hippie-voodoo-witchcraft stuff on his shoulder. ;)

And now you do too, because I'm sharing my recipe!!!

So, why do I use these ingredients? (If you want to know the why, keep reading, if you just accept that these are awesome together, then skip this part.)

From the EOPR (Essential Oil Pocket Reference):

PanAway- supports healing and the body's natural inflammatory response.

Peppermint- supports muscles and adds cooling.

Valor- formulated to balance energies… helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.

No more medicine cabinet, over-the-counter, feels-more-hot-than-cold, stuff for me.

No more things I cannot pronounce, or artificial colors, or perfumes.


Just the stuff that God put on earth for us to use. That is what I want to put on my body. That is what I want to put in the air I breathe. That is what I want to help my family live a healthier life with. This is my choice.